You’ve probably noticed the amazing new site design over here. Or, if you’re reading this in your email, click on over and check it out! I’ve redesigned my site to better serve those visiting it. It’s easier to navigate, less cluttered, and bright. No more dark and drab for me.

One big change is that I’ve removed the ability to purchase my music directly on this site, instead, you can go to one of ttwo places:

  1. For my demo tracks, they can be downloaded through Bandcamp. They are available for free, but the system will ask if you’d like to donate anything for them. It’s sort of a pay what you want model. But, these are just demo tracks, so I don’t expect to receive much for them. Eventually, my kids music will also be available here in the same format.
  2. For the two classical cd’s, these are both available at their respective CDBaby sites. You can purchase them there, or you can also find them on itunes and most streaming sites.

Going forward, I’ll be utilizing the Bandcamp donate to download feature. It allows people to pay what they want, whether that’s nothing¬†or more than someone might usually pay for music. Your choice. What’s it worth to you?

I hope you enjoy my site. I’ll be adding new music here as soon as it’s ready, and blogging a bit more as well. Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter (see the sidebar to your right!). You’ll get an email each time a new blog gets posted, which is usually a great way to find out about upcoming performances, new music, and other happenings around here.

I also welcome any and all feedback. Please feel free to reach out via my contact form if you have any suggestions on things you’d like to see.

Thanks for stopping by!

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