It’s finally here! Music for Everyone Under the Sun, Alison’s first album of children’s music, was released on Sunday, April 29th at the St. Paul Art Crawl. Tracks include:

  1. Captain Crayon Man
  2. Playing In The Sandbox
  3. There’s a Baby in My House
  4. LaLa the Dinosaur
  5. Bright Sunny Day
  6. Down at the Solstice Ball
  7. I Love Ice Cream
  8. The Smell Song
  9. Don’t Put Your Fingers In Your Nose
  10. Hush Now My Baby

The album is available anywhere you can purchase music online. Here are a few direct links:

You can also purchase the physical CD in person at any of my upcoming events. I’m starting to book more shows for the end of summer and into fall, so check out the Shows page for more details. Don’t forget, I also do birthday parties!

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