Known for making kids giggle, busy Twin Cities singer/songwriter
Alison Cromie releases her much-anticipated debut album

To experience local singer/songwriter Alison Cromie perform for a group of kids is much like watching a favorite aunt whose silly, child-like joy is infectious. Kids laugh and dance. They eagerly take turns learning to strum her ukulele. Days later, even the adults may still be humming the catchy tune to “Captain Crayon Man”.  Now with the release of her debut album, “Music for Everyone Under the Sun”, Cromie hopes to give smiles and a love of music to even more kids.

She’s a classically trained musician with an unlikely day job
Cromie, the mother of two kids ages 4 and 7, has been singing since age 15. “I’ve sang with jazz bands, choirs and ensembles, and performed in musicals,” she recalls. But she only recently took up acoustic guitar. “When I did that, a new world opened. I wish I’d started this earlier.”

A Creative Operations Manager at a Burnsville-based web design agency, Cromie was initially unsure where her songwriting would lead. “At the time, I was writing and performing folk music. Then, while attending a business event, I struck up a conversation with the woman next to me who encouraged me to start writing for kids. I love to laugh and to be silly, especially with my own kids. It puts me on their level. So, I took this woman’s suggestion as a challenge.

“Within 24 hours, I had written my first kids’ song, “Don’t Put Your Fingers in Your Nose”. My kids thought it was hilarious, which gave me the confidence to keep writing and performing kids songs. Parents kept asking where they could buy my music. Last spring, I finally had enough songs to record my first album.”

“Music for Everyone Under the Sun” is simply fun
You’ll hear lots of musical influences in Cromie’s songs, from folk to show tunes and even a little vaudeville. “In addition to dancing and singing along, this first CD is meant to encourage kids ages 2 through 8 to find a love of music,” she confirms. Some of her songs are written from a child’s perspective. “I wrote “There’s a Baby in My House” about that smelly new baby getting all the attention. “Playing in the Sandbox” is about chilling in the sand with your favorite shovel and pail.” She’s thrilled that three of her songs have already been added to Rock the Cradle radio’s catalog.

Down-to-earth and approachable, Cromie is now performing her upbeat, fun tunes at family-friendly festivals, private parties, school fundraisers and other kid-centric venues. “One of my favorite things to do is to bring the kids up on stage, so I can teach them how to strum a ukulele.” She’s also a talented face painter, which is another way she interacts with kids during some of her performances.

If you see her at a local event, Cromie insists that you stop by the stage to say hello and share a laugh. But caution: You might be humming “Bright Sunny Day” for the rest of the afternoon.

To book Cromie at your event, visit Her debut album, “Music for Everyone Under the Sun” is also available for $15 (CD) or $10 (digital) on her website as well as other major music online retailers.

Media Note: For additional information or to schedule an interview, contact Media Relations Agency at 952-697-5220.  

More about Alison Cromie
Alison Cromie is a singer/songwriter from Farmington who enjoys making music and bringing smiles to the faces of those around her.  Although she has been musically inclined since childhood, it wasn’t until 2016 that she started writing music for kids, which has become the most fulfilling part of her career. You can catch Alison at local coffee shops, summer events, and even on The Boink Show!

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