Since I won’t get to really start up the recording project again until after the new year, I thought I would take some time to put out a call for folk musicians. You see, I’m currently listening to the book, “The Art of Asking” by Amanda Palmer. I picked it up expecting one thing and got something completely different, but completely relevant to my own interests. I’m learning how to ask. Excellent book by the way. I’d heard of the Dresden Dolls but had never really listened to them. I knew nothing about Amanda Palmer and am now absolutely fascinated by her. Her book has even inspired me to think about writing my own songs, which is something I always thought I would be horrible at. I wrote some lyrics over lunch. I’m terrified to try and put some music to them. Either way, I highly recommend the book. Especially the audiobook. Pick it up if you have a chance.

Back to the topic at hand. Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • A Fiddle Player – I would love to have fiddle playing the melodic lines throughout all 6 songs on the record.
  • A Lead Guitar Player – I can strum…that’s about it. A few songs need a little more than what I can produce, and one of them, while I am learning the fingerstyle part, I will not be ready to play it on a recording by the time it comes around.
  • Upright Bass – I’ve reached out to a few people about this already, but I’m not set on any one person yet. I may also consider an electric bass at this point. I’m open.
  • Um…anything I’m forgetting?

Initially, I was thinking session musicians, and I’m still open to that for the recording. But last weekend I attended my 10 year college reunion, and after listening and really enjoying one of the bands there, I seriously started thinking about putting one together. If you live in the south suburbs, are looking for OCCASIONAL gigs (seriously, I have a busy life, I’m not looking to make it big AT ALL), and want to just have fun playing folk at coffee shops, and maybe the Farmers Market in the summer, please feel free to apply.

If you can’t help me, but know someone who can, please share this post. Hell, share it anyway because I’m asking you to.


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