On August 24th I started recording my new EP with an amazingly talented guy named Ryan Ogle. He was newly graduated from IPR and came highly recommended by a friend. We had been talking about the EP since last January, and had just finally started recording. I could tell during our sessions just how much talent this young man had and was excited to see what we could do over the coming months.

Sadly, a week after our second session, I received the horrible news that Ryan had passed the previous night. I had no words. I couldn’t believe that this young man who had an entire lifetime ahead of him (and likely a very successful one) had left us all behind. The showing of support on his Facebook timeline and at the events held in his honor were a true testament to how many lives he touched. He will be missed and I feel like this recording just won’t be the same. Eventually, I’m hoping I might be able to get the files from our sessions. I’d really like to give him credit for even just the small part of it he worked on.


Now I’m moving forward, talking to recording studios, and trying to decide what to do from here. There has been a considerable delay now that I’m in rehearsals for Jekyll & Hyde. I had been hoping that during this time we would be recording the other instrumentation, but now that will have to wait until we can re-record the songs we’d already started on.

That being said, I’ve finally settled on the 6 tracks for my folk EP. I’ve recorded rough (some rougher than others) demos of each song, and I wanted to share those with you here. An order has not yet been set. Please excuse the children in the background on some of these. Sometimes, I can only practice at home while watching the kids.

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Let the Mystery Be:

The Lucky One:

Angel Band:

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The Bramble and the Rose:

Hard Times (Come Again No More):

When You Say Nothing At All:


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